What does “Knowledge Cubed” mean?

The Knowledge Cubed process is a shaping process for knowledge. Rooted in deductive investigation with the goal of determining what is right. Logic and reason without some sort of standard is useless, so the standard for Knowledge Cubed is the Law of Nature. The Law of Nature is only half of the Law of Existence, but being part of the whole aids us in determine the authenticity of the other half. One half cannot violate the second, so logically both sides (or premises) must be in balance.

Natural law is the laws that govern the ability for our physical universe to exist. These laws are those that govern Energy, Force, and Motion. The other side is the non-physical laws that govern rights, authority and dominion. These laws do not produce physical fruit like matter, but do place restrictions by what is right, or who has authority, and to whom has dominion.  These inalienable rights are confirmed by the Laws of Nature. Gravity is a clear example of the Principle of Equality, it makes no determinations between one thing or another, regardless of quality. Nature makes no regard between one race or gender over another, therefore this non-physical Principle of Equality when adopted in one’s fraternity will regard all members as equal under the Principle of Equality.

By taking this approach we are continuing the investigation into the structure of reality but not just on the physical/ material one, and not just on the non-physical “spiritual” one, but reality as the combination of all parts.

To distinguish one type of knowledge from another we came up with the phrase “Knowledge Cubed”. It was easier for us to identify something that considered everything. One “Knowledge Cubed” moment I had years before I came up with this phrase, for example, was when I was working at our State Hospital and was recording the conclusions of our Psychiatrist toward a patient. The Doctor could make no other determination but that she was here solely because of her unwillingness to forgive her ex-boy friend. Bitterness drove her to insanity. To me this was a huge paradigm shift, an understanding that a non-physical state of being would lead to physical results, cause and effect. Taking this case further I, with the help of another medical doctor friend, discovered the research being conducted in certain diseases being associated with certain emotional stresses. This particular patient had contracted Hepatitis A, and my doctor friend discovered that this disease was on the list under “forgiveness.” Sounded bizarre without physical reason. Must be paranormal right? Wrong. Paranormal is normal, and what happens, according to my friend, is her immune system was most likely compromised in those areas making her more susceptible to contract this disease. Her misdeeds brought about her darkness, darkness did not bring about her misdeeds.

Four years ago, while doing my part overseas, I begun developing this process, then tried it out in my situation there. The results were life changing to many of us. After returning I wanted to broaden this and what better way to begin but to determine Life, Knowledge Cubed.

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The members of this team have come and gone through the years, but currently we are:

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